a means to an end

Oh, so referring back to the post I made last week about the guy I always see on the bus, this time I saw him waiting at a different bus stop that I wait at sometimes. Honestly, it is such a coincidence when I see him because I always take the bus at different times throughout the day. Last week it was almost 5 in the afternoon and today it was barely past noon in a completely different city and a different stop. Weird. I swear I fell in love today though. He was skating when I spotted him. Any guy that can skate fits in good with me. I sat on one of the benches and he sat on the one right by me, and half an hour after being the only ones sitting there, he asked me if the bus approaching us led towards Florence. We had such a brief conversation, but I wish we would have continued it after we both went on the bus. I’m not too sure why this guy interests me so much.

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